Why Do Pomeranians Pee Everywhere?

Pomeranian dog peeing

Why Do Pomeranians Pee Everywhere? (Can Pomeranian be left alone)

Pom owners often ask why do Pomeranians pee everywhere in the house? Well, just like other dogs, Pomeranians seems to pee everywhere except where you want them to pee. Your Pomeranian puppy may not understand the concept of urinating outside or on pee pads. Some adult Poms also their training and make puddles all over your house.


In this post, we will discuss all the possible reasons why Pomeranians pee everywhere in the house. This post will also provide some advice on how you can resolve the issue. Many reasons could make your Pom pee everywhere and anywhere. Whichever the reason, you can work on it and get your Pom peeing in the right places. 


Reasons Why Pomeranians Pee Everywhere

  1. As a result of confusion

 If your Pom puppy is new to the environment or not yet fully trained, confusion is the best answer. Your Pomeranian may find it challenging to know precisely the right place to go to the bathroom. House training may seem challenging, but there are specific rules you can follow to achieve success relatively quickly. 


The dog generally has zero ideas of what you expect from them. Therefore, it is left for you to train your dog to do exactly what you want. Your dog must be trained as many times as possible before it can learn. Even after your Pomeranian has understood what you want from it, a routine reminder will always keep the dog on track. 


One of the major mistakes many Pom oners commit is making outdoors to be the only bathroom area for their puppy. The problem with this is that it is not specific enough for most Pom puppies to understand. It is better to choose a specific area that will be only used for peeing and other elimination needs for your puppy. 


The place you have chosen should be accessible even in harsh environmental conditions. You should not choose a place that your dog cannot access when it is raining or snowing. If you are using pee pads, it is better to always keep the pads in the same room and in the same position at all times. Keeping the pee pad somewhere will not allow your Pomeranian to understand where you want it to pee. 

  1. Marking of territory (Spraying) 

This is another reason why Pomeranians pee everywhere in the house. Both male and female dogs spray, although many people think only males do that. You may have the dog marking the house (practically peeing all over the place.). You need to note that puppies below three months don't spray. Therefore, if your three-month-old Pom is peeing all over, it is due to another reason. 


Another dog's presence often triggers spraying, and it may not happen the same day. Some of these dogs can be so sensitive and aware of the scent of other canines. To know if your Pomeranian is peeing for marking purposes, you need to pay attention to the urine amount. For marking purposes, only a small amount of urine is released, the bladder is not emptied. 


Also, some changes in the home can make a Pom feel insecure and start to spray. So, a new person in the home or a new piece of furniture can cause your Pom puppy to spray. An excellent way to tackle this issue is to help your dog break focus. You can do this by keeping a close eye on your Pom; a total dedication of 2-3 days is often needed to do this. You can create a "noise maker" like putting coins in a container. 


Anytime your Pom makes any sort of motion that indicates it wants to spray, you can shake the container loudly. This distracts the dog and causes it to break the thought of spraying. 


  1. Medical condition 

Another reason that can make Pomeranaians pee everywhere is a health issue. Suppose your dog is suffering from an underlying health issue. This is mostly seen in older dogs. Urinary tract infection is the leading cause of excessive canine urination. Other reasons include diabetes, kidney problems, liver disease, and bladder stones. Whenever you are in doubt of the reason why your Pomeranian pee everywhere, take your dog for a medical checkup.

Always seek the services of registered and reputable vets when your dog is sick. Just as you will not go to a quack to treat when you are sick, always take your Pom to the best whenever it is sick.  

  1. Old age 

Old age is another reason why Pomeranians pee everywhere in the house. As dog ages, many changes come with them. These old Pomeranians slow down in many aspects of their life. They don't run relatively as fast and would always take more naps. Arthritis can also set in, making them move more slowly and difficult to rise from a lying position. 


Most dogs, as they grow older, will lose control of their bladder and bowel muscles. Don't assume that incontinence is a typical symptom of aging for your Pom. Kidney infection can also be the cause of incontinence. If you are certain that the weakening of bladder muscles is the reason your Pomeranian pee everywhere, you can put a belly band on the dog if it is a male. For female Poms, a doggie diaper will do just fine. 


Even with the belly band or doggie diaper, you should take the dog to the designated place for it to pee. The belly band and the doggie diaper will work to control incontinence in-between bathroom hours. They work wonders to keep things clean, especially when your female Pom is in her heat cycle. 


Can Pomeranian Be Left Alone?

It is not advisable to leave your Pom puppy all alone in the house or anywhere. There are several things that could go wrong, especially if the dog is not leached. The dog can injure himself, mess up your house, and can even get lost if you left it alone outside the house. Pomeranian is a highly social dog and does not do well in isolation.



You have seen the reasons why Pomeranians pee everywhere. Now, it is left for you to ensure you put the necessary precautions to prevent such occurrence. If you fail to curb the menace of your Pom's peeing problem, your house will certainly be in a mess. 





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