Are Pomeranians Good Pets?

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Are Pomeranians Good Pets?

When looking to get a pet for yourself or the family, dogs are often the first animal to mind. However, choosing the right dog for you is often a tricky choice. Among the wide range of options to choose from, Pomeranians happen to be one of the cutest pets you can have around.

When looking to buy a dog, you'll want to consider the size, diet, daily expenses, shedding, and other important aspects of caring for a dog. The Pomeranians tick most of these considerations, making them a sort-after breed.

Perky, eye-catching, and one of the friendliest dogs you can find around, the Pomeranians are very intelligent & cute dogs. Often known as a Pom, this dog breed is classed as a toy dog that may require regular exercise and training.

Despite the cute nature of these dogs, do the Pomeranians serve as good pets? We’ll find out in this article.

Before we head into the reasons why the Pomeranians serve as some of the best pets, let's take a look at this cute pet's personality.

The Personality of a Pomeranian Dog

Coming as a small pet, Pomeranians are perky, friendly, and very bold dogs. So bold that it sometimes forgets its small nature and will occasionally tackle bigger ones.

These dogs are very active and would need regular exercising to keep them active. They do well with a wide range of activities, including obedience competitions, training, and freestyles.

They also serve as some of the best companions you can find. As they grow, they become more comfortable as a lap dog, making them cozy and nice to have when watching movies or reading books.

The Pomeranians also serve as a good alert dog, even though they can be prone to excessive barking. They are very vicious, alert and would keep you aware of irregularities around. Although good with children, you should avoid having them around children as they are very fragile and can get injured easily.

Now that we have the personality covered let's look at some reasons why the Pomeranians are one of the best pets to have around you and your family.

6 Reasons Why Pomeranians Are Good Pets

Here are some reasons we consider this breed good pet asides from the Pomeranians' available features.

They Are Friendly

Known as a toy dog, the Pomeranian dog breed is extroverted. They are playful, friendly, and very active. Although they are so friendly, it is advised that these dogs shouldn't be around children because they are very fragile and shouldn't be handled roughly.

Another highlight of their friendliness is their relationship with other pets. Pomeranian dogs are known to find it easy to create a platonic relationship with other pets. So, if you already have a pet, you don't have to worry about how they will relate. 

High Energy Levels

One of the major reasons to buy a pet is to have a friend you can play around with. The Pomeranians thick this box effectively, thanks to their athleticism. This energetic pet breed offers high energy levels capable of competing in dog competitions. From obedience training and freestyle to tracking and agility activities, the Pomeranians excel with pride.

They Are Also Watchful Dogs

Although their people-loving nature is well known, Pomeranians are also Watchful dogs. This breed of dogs also possesses some watchful traits like attentiveness and viciousness, and bold character. Often deceived by their size, people see them as just the friendly pets they are.

This dog also embodies a sharp, mean, and loud bark when they sense any form of irregularities in their environment. They are also clever enough to alert you of anyone at your door.

A Nice Companion

Looking for a pet that offers companionship? The Pomeranians have you covered. A loving and caring pet, these dogs make you feel loved so much that you feel they want to be your companion.

A great lap dog, this puppy will keep you relaxed while catching a movie or reading a novel.

They Are Economical

One of the major worries for pet owners is the maintenance and feeding of their pets. The Pomeranians, though they may be quite costly, are economical in terms of maintenance and feeding. They consume less.

Unlike the bigger dogs that consume much food, Pomeranians don't require much food to maintain its body. For a Pom puppy, the normal food quantity is about two cups daily, while its adult siblings consume up to a half cup for every pound of their weight.

They Are Easy to Train

Because of their small body frame, it is important to train the Pomeranians. This training is very important because you won't want bigger dogs to break your cute little pet's neck while playing.

The happy side to this is that they are very easy to train and don't require much effort. You can take a walk with your Pomeranian using a harness and leash. Thanks to their small frame, those problems encountered with smaller dogs can be avoided since they can easily maneuver difficult areas.

In Conclusion

Pomeranians are one of the cutest dogs you can ever get as your pet. Although their small and fragile nature makes them overlooked, they offer some of the best traits a pet lover would want. From its friendly nature to its depth in awareness, these dogs also serve as the ideal companion for anyone.

The Pomeranians are one of the best pets you can find out there. Coming between a price range of $800 to $4000, they might be costly. But this dog breed is very easy to care for and maintain since they don't cost much to feed.

Thus, if you're looking to get a nice pet that you'll enjoy having around, we believe the Pomeranian dog breed would be a good choice.




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