Are Maltese dogs easy to train?

Training Maltese dog

Are Maltese dogs easy to train?

In terms of breeding dogs, Maltese comes among the top species that you can train efficiently.As a trainer, you can make your Maltese puppy follow your command with the effective use of treats. Also, Maltese dogs respond to praise, which brings out their willingness to listen to you.

Maltese dogs are smart and intelligent. It has a natural trait to please people around them. However, it requires that every owner knows what it takes to utilize positive reinforcement to induce it.



Sometimes, Maltese dogs could display stubbornness for a long time if you leave them untrained for a long time. They may break the rules and spoil items in the surroundings. Despite having a natural willingness to please, Maltese dogs require training to prevent them from developing bad attitudes that may irritate you.

Suppose you notice a sudden change in the behavior of your Maltese. In that case, it is time you introduce treats and praise to eradicate such a habit.Although Maltese are small and feel intimidated easily, they would fight back if threatened. Therefore, never shout at your Maltese, neither should you maltreat them if you want to correct them.

Maltese dogs are bold and fearless. Hence, they use their teeth to protect themselves whenever a situation arises, especially when sent to defense mode. If you scare them, you are telling them to use their teeth indirectly. Always maintain a positive way to control the attitude of your Maltese puppy.



Almost every passionate dog owner or trainer can relate to the friendly attitude of the Maltese dogs. They are one of the dog breeds that get familiar with strangers quickly. However, this might not be possible without adequate training. Also, Maltese dogs find it difficult to get along with children and other dogs. Hence, the reason why you should teach it to be tolerant of infants and other dog breeds.

If you indulge this attitude from you Maltese, they will develop a mindset of doing what is right. If it becomes a habit, they may start biting and barking at random people, including children. However, training comes in handy to keep them in the proper mind frame, eradicating any sense of intimidation.

Maltese dogs are full of energy, and they are ideal to be your watchdogs. It requires training to let them know the proper way to channel their energy to avoid doing the wrong thing. It might sound overwhelming to you, but you will enjoy a great relationship with your Maltese in the long run.

You will be able to control, calm, and give your Maltese a sense of security using the right strategy, which is positive reinforcement.


From the discussion above, you should understand why you need to train your Maltese puppies. There are different training that you can initiate to shape it up to your preferences. However, choosing an appropriate system is necessary for the efficiency and effectiveness of the training.

The following methods are applicable to attain success when training a Maltese;

  • Positive Reinforcement

Positivity is one of the perfect modes of getting your Maltese to be obedient. Combining a positive attitude with rewards motivates Maltese to behave appropriately. Maltese can't help but follow your command with the most suitable response that will be pleasing to you.

  • Corrective Training

Although many people perceived corrective training as an old-fashioned method of training Maltese, it generates effective results.This training entails correcting the puppy's responses with a collar, or lead, or any corrective object until it does the right thing you wanted it to do. Given the smartness of Maltese, corrective training will help achieve your training objectives in a short period.


  • Clicker Training

This training method's flexibility makes it easy for Maltese to adapt and follow the owner's command. You can get this sound-making device in pet-stores. According to the click sound the device makes, you can feed your dog by clicking each time you drop a treat. Gradually, it will understand that the click implies treats. Also, it applies to training to let him know you appreciate his responses.



Good news! Maltese are potty trainable with a playpen and keep the potty pads significantly distant from the bedding. Although it might be a little bit challenging, it will pay off in the long run.Potty training requires owners to make use of different components and training angles to attain success. If you omit or forget any aspect, it would be challenging to housebreak your Maltese dog. And the training might extend beyond the perceived day of completion.

To start potty training your Maltese, don't allow it to wander around, particularly within your apartment. Confinement, such as a playpen, is an essential component of potty training. The idea behind this is to avoid toilet accidents in your home. However, the moment your Maltese house broke, you can allow it to move around freely.

It may take up to 16 weeks to potty train your Maltese

Note: Don't use a dog crate to avoid claustrophobic feelings for your Maltese. The inclusion of gates will be helpful to limit the places the Maltese can enter.



It may not be easy for Maltese to familiarize themselves and adjust quickly. Although Maltese are naturally friendly, the beginning may not be the same for all. It could even go worse for some Maltese that they bark whenever they see strangers.

For this reason, training your Maltese to socialize is necessary when they are still young. With effective socializing techniques, your dog will familiarize themselves with strangers quickly. Follow these simple hints to bring out the social behavior in your dog.

  • Routine walk out with your dog
  • Train it so interrelate with strangers
  • Visit parks where your dog can see other dogs of its kind
  • Use corrective training when it displays ill behavior towards people
  • Use positive reinforcement to control them in the open places.



Dogs can prove stubborn if you don't teach them morals. Every pet, especially dogs, should be obedient to its owners. An excellent example of a disobedient dog is behavioral severe issues and destruction of properties.

Obedience training encompasses almost every other training because it teaches the Maltese to follow orders rather than feel like it doesn't have a commander. It is necessary to make your dog know you are the leader, and it must do whatever instruction you give it.

Tips to train your Maltese to be obedient includes;

  • Firstly, make it known that you are in command
  • Show appreciation during training
  • Maintain the routine training you set until it passes the lesson. Changing training schedule often can complicate matters
  • Always motivate your Maltese
  • Make use of treats. Maltese will listen to your command when you hold treats in front of them.


In conclusion, you should take caution when it comes to rewarding your Maltese. Maltese are not comfortable with cold weather, so do not train your them in such condition. Finally, ensure you spend time with your Maltese and never leave them alone at any time. If you do, it may lead to separation anxiety.



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