Are Yorkie Hard To Train?

Yorkie dog Peeing

Are Yorkie Hard To Train?

Yorkie’s personality is something you would admire if you are fortunate to get one. It is one of the breeds that pledges its loyalty to its owner. In fact, it makes a perfect companion, given its liveliness. Despite making a good family friend, it is essential to train your Yorkshire terrier to behave well.

But are Yorkie hard to train? Yes, training Yorkie can be tricky, especially when it comes to potty training. Specific techniques apply to training a Yorkie. It can be very frustrating if you don’t get it right, as your Yorkie might not learn something new.

Do you need to be scared? No.

This article will be providing you with everything you require to train your Yorkie. If followed correctly, you will be getting effective results beyond your expectation. Before we proceed, we would like to give you an overview of the Yorkshire terrier.


Overview Of Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie is a small dog breed that originated from Scotland during the English Industrial Revolution. Yorkie came into existence through the cross-breeding of Skye terrier and English Black and Tan Toy terrier. It served a purpose of a lapdog as seen carried by factory workers and miners as at then.

This toy-sized breed has a coat covering its entire body with a resemblance to human hair. Yorkie’s prettiness and neatness can be deceiving. Still, in an actual sense, it is brave, determined, and can be bossy sometimes. In fact, it displays a trait like that of the terrier.

Yorkie’s is a breed with a long lifespan, which sees it lives up to 14 to 16 years. They can be playful and fit perfectly for an apartment pet. Yorkie requires love and affection. You can be sure that it will reciprocate by becoming your adorable companion.

If you are considering getting a watchdog, Yorkie should be one of your choices. It is one of the vocal dog breeds with much willingness to be protective.

Advantage Of Owning A Yorkie?

If you are looking for companionship but a small breed dog, Yorkie can be your best friend even during difficult times. It likes to cuddle with the owner, and it will take every chance it gets to be with you.

Due to their size, Yorkie doesn’t require much exercise. You don’t need to take your Yorkie for an exhausting walk. You can engage your canine friend within your surroundingsby playing the fetching game.

Yorkie is a neat breed because it sheds its coat occasionally.Therefore, caring for your Yorkie doesn’t require stress. With regular brushing of the coat, it becomes soft and silky with much attraction.


Difficult Things About A Yorkie?

The dental issue is one difficulty that almost every Yorkie faces in their lifetime. It is overlapping teeth that allow tartar formation. This plague can lead to other health issues if not taken care of by the owner. As a result of this, you must set a schedule to brush your Yorkie teeth regularly.

Another thing challenging about owning a Yorkie is cleaning the ear because of the infection that may occur due to trap moisture. The odor emission from the ear canal can be unbearable if your Yorkie gets an ear infection. For this reason, frequent cleaning of the ear of your Yorkie can prevent it from happening.


Difficulty Faced When Training A Yorkie?

Training your Yorkie to housebreak can be difficult. This is common among toy-size dogs. This could be because Yorkie is prone to separation anxiety, which makes it bark uncontrollably and prove stubborn.

Yorkie has a tiny bladder that cannot withstand much pressure. To prevent poo accidents from happening, you need to train your Yorkie, which takes longer than other breeds. This train usually lasts up to two years.

Because Yorkie is vocal, its barking may serve as a disturbance to neighbors. It often barks when it notices something unusual, especially when sounds are not identifiable.

Preventing these issues from happening is feasible through consistent training.Yorkie is compassionate and loyal, but if you don’t train it properly, it may grow to be disobedient.

Below are different training to get your Yorkie to behave well;

Training Methods For Yorkie


It is impossible to be present at home all the time. This is why your Yorkie requires crate training. Separation anxiety is prevalent among Yorkie, and it has been the primary cause of accidents for it.

However, you can make your Yorkie feel secured by training it, so stay in its crate at the moment when you are not available.A crate offers comfort and security to Yorkie, and it’s ideal for preventing separation anxiety for it.

Note: Yorkie needs to be familiar with the crate

Take your Yorkie closer to the crate often before you leave your surroundings. Allow it to enter the crate without closing the door at the first instance. Repeat for several times and ensure it finds itself accustom to his home.

Before leaving your apartment, you can try to shut your Yorkie in the crate for 15 minutes. If it feels cool with it, you can go to wherever you want with your Yorkie enjoying itself in the crate.



First of all, it is crucial to discover the reason why your Yorkie barks. It is the first step to identifying the most suitable training to stop them from barking. Separation anxiety is one of the reasons why Yorkie barks because it feels lonely quickly.

Sometimes, it may become fearful suddenly after seeing something scary. In this case, carry your Yorkie and let it know that everything is okay—a sense of security like that helps to stop it from barking.

If your Yorkie heeds your command, give it treats as a reward to follow your order when a similar situation occurs again. As time goes on, it will get used to your command and can easily control itself when it hears you say it.

Yorkie are very sensitive to sound, and they will bark when a stranger comes knocking on the door. To prevent this, you can act it up by ringing the bell several times while another member of the family opens the door. That way, you are training it to get used to the sound.

Alternatively, keeping your Yorkie at a different angle in your compound can help visitors come to your apartment.

There are several other methods to train your Yorkie to stop barking uncontrollably. But the few discussed will help at significant times.



As we discussed earlier, Yorkie possesses a small bladder and can pee and poo at odd times when you are not expecting. It can be frustrating taking your puppy outside at short intervals because it wants to pee. That is why you need to train your Yorkie to do it by themselves.

As a Yorkie owner, housebreaking training should start when your dog is 5 to 7 months old. The reason why you can start too early is because of the playful attitude of Yorkie. It might not take the training seriously when it is below five months.

Necessary equipment for potty training includes pads and spray to control and direct your Yorkie to the designated place for poo and pee. Find an accessible location for easy comprehension for your dog.

Use the potty training spray on the pad and examine your Yorkie pee on it within your surroundings. Mop out the pee with the pad and take it to your preferred location. It can locate this training pad in subsequent times it wants to pee or poo.




You can train your Yorkie to familiarize itself with people and other pets. Allow your dog to meet new friends by taking on a walk. Also, you can take it to events where it can see crowds. It is a way of eliminating the fear of gathering for your Yorkie.

However, it is your responsibility to introduce your canine friend to the world politely. Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you are afraid to visit your friend because of their dog. We are sure you wouldn’t want to put your friend in a difficult situation too.

Therefore, your Yorkie requires socializing training to get along with people quickly. How can you do this? By taking your dog to a gathering where it can see new faces. It even could be the gathering of other pets. What is essentialis you connect your dog with them in a peaceful way.

Teach your dog to respect people and other animals, especially cats, to keep him safe. Cats possess sharp claws that can be dangerous for your little puppy. If at any point your dog starts barking when it sees a stranger, pick it up and assure it of safety.


Yorkie are friendly, but it can be challenging training them to comply with your commands. But that doesn’t mean you cannot teach them to be obedient. It might just take a lot of effort and perseverance to make it whatever you want. Yorkie is an excellent addition to any household. However, be prepared to train it the right way.


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