Do Maltese dog bark a lot?

Maltese dog barking

Do Maltese dog bark a lot?

Naturally, every dog breed barks, and Maltese breed is not left out of the circle. But it becomes a challenge when it gets out of hand, and it becomes uncontrollable. It can be irritating and annoying for most dog owners simultaneously. It makes them wonder ifit's typical or unusual for Maltese dogs to bark.

If you are one of those who would like to know if Maltese dog barks a lot, the answer is yes. One trait of the Maltese dog is frequently barking, even though they are toy size dog breeds. The barking habit of Maltese can be attributed to their sensitive temperament, though not limited to it.

You might also be wondering if you can control your Maltese from barking almost all the time. Also, the answer is yes. There are many reasons why your Maltese puppy will bark. Irrespective of the reasons, you can train it to be calm and to bark during danger only.


Although it is normal for dogs to bark, it becomes abnormal when it becomes excessive. How the owner handles the Maltese may contribute to his barking tendencies. Knowing these causes will be helpful to control your Maltese from barking incessantly.

Below are a few of the reasons why your Maltese will bark;


Many Maltese owners make a mistake by living with an untrained puppy until it grows to be an adult. Failure to train your Maltese when you have the chance can resultin a disobedient dog in the future. For this reason, your dog lacks control and will bark continuously. Your reaction to your Maltese barking at odd times plays a significant impact in controlling the habit.



Frustrating moments for Maltese usually leads to uncontrollable barking. It occurs when it tries to get an object, but it couldn't. Sometimes, when the Maltese see something scary, it can't help but bark very loud to call your attention to it. They feel intimidated because of their small size. Therefore, if anything frustrates or scares it, barking is what it uses to show frustration.



Maltese is famous for its braveness even though it is a toy-sized dog. It displays a calm behavior when it sees a stranger. However, some Maltese inherit the sensitive temperament of their parent. If its older generation barked excessively, there is a higher tendency that your Maltese will do the same. You can curb this behavior with the right set of training.



Maltese and other dog breeds ease stress by barking excessively. But how can we tell if the dog is barking to free itself from stress? It is not determinable. However, dogs prefer to bark when in distress situations because that is the only way to express their feelings.



Separation anxiety is the primary cause of dull moments for Maltese. We wouldn't advise you to leave your dog with nobody at home to keep it company. In times like this, your dog may bark excessively. And since there is no one to control it at that moment, it may continue for many hours. Getting a solution for such a situation may not be easy if it continues to be in isolation.



The eagerness and happiness in some Maltese can make them bark excessively. We can relate enthusiasm to stress from another perspective. However, we can take advantage of this to train the dog to comply with specific commands. When you notice your dog's passion, you can leverage that moment to introduce new things to it.


Barking in Maltese isn't a problem that you cannot control. Understanding the reason for barking is a key to managing such behavior. The firstoption to stop your Maltese from barking is consistent training, but it is not limited to it. Trying the methods below will go a long way to prevent your Maltese from barking.


This is one way of making your Maltese feel secured as it will develop a sense of security it requires. Unlike the crate that generatesclaustrophobic feelings for Maltese, the playpen reduces stress for it, given the comfortability.The availability of a good quality plush bed will enable your Maltese to cuddle in and help it get enough relaxation.

Playpen makes Maltese believes it has everything needed. Hence, it eradicates the feeling of isolation or separation anxiety. This helps to reduce the excessive barking of your dog.



Playpen for your Maltese is not complete without enough toys for it to play within its little room. There are physical and online pet stores where you can get a variety of toys for your dog. The idea is to keep your Maltese busy while you attend to other things. Pet toys come in different types, such as food dispensing toys, mimic toys, warmth toys, and toys to keep dogs engaged for a lengthy period.

We suggest you get food dispensing toys that you can hold treats for your Maltese. It means they can eat and play at the same time. Also, warmth toys are highly recommended because of the comfort it gives your dog whenever you are away.



Don't delay your attention whenever your dog is barking. Be quick to find out the reason for barking. It might have seen something scary or a threat approaching, which requires your attention. If it barks without a particular reason, caution it calmly and politely. However, if you notice a red flag, keep your dog calm and make it feels secured while you handle the situation.



Training is one of the most effective ways to stop your Maltese from barking. Maltese are full of energy, and this can be a reason why they bark often. However,with adequate training by taking it on a walk or engaging it in a pick-up game, you effectively manage the energy. These activities are ideal for reducing the barking tendencies in your Maltese.



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