How much does a Pomeranian dog cost? The Ultimate 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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How much does a Pomeranian dog cost? The Ultimate 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Thinking of buying a Pomeranian dog as a pet? One of the first set of questions asked is how much does a Pomeranian cost? This article is written to answer this question while shedding some light on some other important aspects of purchasing.

No matter the price placed on a Pomeranian, its parents will tell you it's worth the spend. This dog breed serves as one of the most loved pets to have around

 a very fun and friendly pet.

This dog is fun and friendly; it is also very intelligent and can also serve as a watchdog if allowed to learn. Before we go into the pricing and factors that influence price, let's look at a general profile for a Pomeranian dog.


History of the Pomeranian Breed

According to Wikipedia, the Pomeranian Breed is of the spitz-type named for the Pomerania region in north-west Poland and north-east Germany in Central Europe.

According to Wikipedia info, Germany seems to be where the first breeding took place, although they were quite large. Loved by Queen Victoria, the sizes were bred down to the toy dogs we see today from her dogs.

So, we can say the German “spitz dogs” are the ancestors of these beauties. They have been known to be companion dogs with some watchdog capabilities infused into them.

Now, what affects the price of these cuties?

Factors that Affect the Price of a Pomeranian

Numerous factors may affect the price of a Pomeranian dog in your area. Some of these factors include location, quality, coat color, and where you're buying from.

Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

Dog Health

Pet dogs with serious health conditions are often sold for less. When dealing with reputable breeders, they often provide a list of the dog's health status, providing a detailed report on faults and health test results.

Even when a dog has a bad health condition, a good breeder would be concerned about the house it goes into. This step is to ensure proper care would be given to such dog.

So, depending on the Pom's health condition, the prices may vary. If the health condition is good enough to be labeled a "Show Quality" Pom, it might cost you around $10,000. These dogs can compete in dog shows or competitions and can also be bred to produce more of its type.


Like in real estate, the breeder's location can affect the price of purchasing a Pomeranian puppy. This influence is because breeders have to cover their cost, from birth to the time of sales.

If the breeder lives in a high-cost environment, they might have to charge more to continue breeding. Similarly, breeders living in areas with breeding regulations will charge higher to cover the cost attached to such regulations.

You should also consider the market for Pomeranians around your area. The higher the demand in the area, the higher the chances of buying at a higher price. However, if you have lots of Pomeranian breeders, prices may be significantly lower.

Timing is Key

The same way the location affects, the timing does too. It is known that the demand for dogs is higher during late spring. This demand results from people looking for companions for walks, beach trips, and other weather-related activities. Thus, breeders high their prices around this time.

However, if you decide to purchase around the winter periods, you’re more likely to have a lower buying price. This price slash is because breeders are looking to avoid holding on to unsold puppies.

Coat Variation

Pomeranians come in several coat options, colors, and patterns. The solid coats are often more expensive than the multicolored ones, thanks to demand. Even within the Solid coats, colors like white, black, and lavender are often more expensive due to their rareness.

Age and sex also affect pricing. While adults sell far lesser than puppies, the female Pomeranians also cost more than their male siblings.

So, what is the expected price for a Pomeranian Dog?

Price for a Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Dogs can be gotten from a direct breeder between the prices of $500 to $6,000. However, it's more common to see them between the price range of $1,000 to $3,000. You should know that the Black Pomeranian would cost you more.

Although the price above should cover your purchase, you must know that there would be some after-purchase cost. Some of these costs include the $1,000 you'll likely spend in the first year for basic needs. These basic are toys, beddings, dishes, toys, and the cost of raising your puppy.

Every year after might cost you around $1,000 to $2,000.


Things to Avoid When Buying a Pomeranian

When buying a Pomeranian dog, there are certain things you must avoid to ensure a good purchase. When buying a Pom or any dog for that matter, you should be wary of the pricing offered.

Be wary of extremely high or low prices. The low prices may mean something is wrong with the dog's health, and the breeder is simply looking to offload quickly. You don't want to find yourself in excessive health-related spending for a new pet.

On the other hand, high pricing isn't always a scam. However, there are chances of getting ripped off. Don't always believe the puppy's stories being a direct descendant of some British Queen's pets, or else it can be proven.


The pricing for a Pomeranian dog varies depending on a lot of factors. We have treated the most important ones and can assure you of making a good deal if the tips are followed.

Lastly, like any other transaction, be sure to read through the details and information provided by the breeder. This act alone would save you from unwanted stress and extra expenditures, like treatment fees.




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